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A. vi. 看 He looked happily at his great grandchildren playing about him.
B. link v.看起来 He looks cheerful and carefree.
have/take a look a…看一看
have a look of…好像;仿佛
look about四下环顾
look about for…四下寻找
look after…照看;目送
look ahead考虑未来;预做准备
look as if…似乎;好象
look at…看
look away from…转移目光
look back回头看
look back on/ upon…回忆;回顾
look down on/ upon…俯视;蔑视
look for…寻找
look forward to doing sth. 期待;展望
look in(随便)看望
He looked in on Mr. Smith on his way to work.
He went to look in at the fish farm.
look into…窥视;调查
look like…看起来像
look on旁观
look on A as B 认为A是B
look out向外看; 注意;警戒
look out for…提防
look …over审阅; 翻阅
look through…透过……看去; 彻底调查;从头看到底
look up to sb. 尊敬/仰望某人
look up仰视;胸怀大志
look sth. up查阅
look sb. in the eye/ face直视某人

A. vt.(1)做;制造  Cell phones are made in this factory.
  make a study of= study 
make use of= use
  make an examination of= examine   
make an explanation of= explain
  make a fool of=fool  
 make fun of
make repairs
make a suggestion= suggest      
make an attempt= attempt
  make an answer= answer        
  make a decision=decide
  make preparations for=prepare for  
 make a guess at=guess
  make a speech                
 make arrangements
(3)使(做);使(成为)  He made us work day and night.   
We were made to work day and night.
  Praise make good men better and bad men worse.
  We made you our monitor.         
What made you so frightened?
  This machine makes it possible for us to finish the work in a short time.
  He made it a rule to get up at six every morning.(规定)
(4)有条件成为 She will make a good housewife.  
 Cold tea makes an excellent drink in summer.
be made from由……原料制成       
be made of由……材料制成
be made out of由……制成           
be made up of由……所组成       
be made into被制成……             
be made to do sth. 被迫去做
make for=head for =make towards走向;冲向
make oneself understood/heard使自己被理解/听到
make a living谋生
make bed铺床
make ends meet应付开支;维持生活;使收支相抵
make friends with与……交朋友
make one’s way to sp.向……走去
make room/ way for为……让路
make sure/certain一定要;保证做到;核实
 Make sure that you get there in time.
 We  must make certain they will come in time.
make the best/most of尽量利用;充分利用
make up one’s mind决心;决定
to make a long story short长话短说
make sb.’s hair stand on end使……毛骨悚然
make a fire生火

A. 更喜欢;宁愿 vt.  He preferred apples to bananas.    
I prefer to go by air.
  Which do you prefer, rice or bread?
  I would prefer she do it in another way.(虚拟语气)
B.习语 prefer doing A to (doing) B   宁愿做A,不愿做B
  I prefer watching a football game to playing football.
  =I would rather watch a football game than play football.
prefer to do A rather than (do) B  宁愿做A,不愿做B
  Liu Hulan preferred to die rather than give in to the enemies.

A. vt. 放  He put the book where he found it.
put an end/a stop to sth.结束;消灭
put sb. at ease使某人放心、安心、宽心
put through…完成;
put A through to B把A接通B(电话)
put up with…忍受
put…into practice把应用到实践中去
put sb. to bed打发睡觉
put sth. to/into use使得以应用
put…into English把翻译成英语
put in a word for sb.为某人进言
put sb. in charge使某人负责
put sth. in order使井井有条
put on airs摆架子
put sb. to death/test处死/考验

A. vi. (1)跑 They came running to meet us.
  (2)行驶 The train was running at 80 miles an hour.
  (3)流 All the rivers will run into the sea.
 We mustn’t let the water run to waste.
 His nose is running all day because he has a bad cold.
B. vt. 管理;经营 They have run six factories.
 He runs the school well.
C. link v. 变得  The river began to run dry. 
Our food supply is running low.
His blood ran cold at the news.  
Their money is running short.
The garden was running wild.
run a fever发高烧
run after sb./ sth.追求
run away逃跑
run for…竞选
run into…邂逅;偶遇
run on滔滔不绝往下说
run out(某物)用完
run out of…用完(某物)
run short(某物)短缺
run short of…短缺(某物)
run up to…合计为;高达
run a risk冒险
run across…邂逅;偶遇
run ahead of…领先于
run away with…带……而逃走
run against…邂逅;偶遇;违反
run at…袭击;冲向
run over溢出;    run over….过目;浏览
run smooth进展顺利
run through…花光;用尽;略谈
run up迅速成长;(物价)上涨
run upon…邂逅;偶遇

A. vt. (1)看到;看见
 I saw the accident with my own eyes.
 I’ve never seen you look so well.
 Just now I saw someone going upstairs.
When we got there, we saw a house being built.
 Last night I saw a dog killed by a car.
 I’m glad to see all of you happy.
 I could see that they need my help.
     *The year 1949 saw the founding of the People’s Republic of China.
 I went to see a friend of mine last Sunday afternoon.
 I’ll be seeing you this evening.
 (3)了解;明白Now you see what I mean?
 He asked to look and see if he missed anything.
B. 习语
see sb. home送某人回家
see about sth.负责处理……
 I’ll see about the tickets for the concert.
see…for oneself自己看;体验一下
see into…了解;调查
see much/a lot/nothing/little of…常/很少/从不见到
see sb. off送行
see through…看穿;识破
see sb. through支持某人到底
see to sth.处理;料理  There was much to see to.   
He has to see to the luggage.
see to it that…注意做到;务必要
  See to it that you do not fall when skating.
as far as I can see踞我所知
see sb. out送某人出门
see that因为,从……一点来看

A. vt.(1)寄(信),发(电报) They sent me some pictures.
I have a telegram to send to Bob.
(2)(派人)送 Let’s send the radio there to be repaired.
 He sent his regards to you.
(3)派遣 He asked to be sent to work in Tibet.
(4)使…….变得 The bad news sent him mad/ out of mind.
 The sight of the Red Army sent the enemy running in all directions.
send for去请
send A for B派A 去请B
send…forth发出 The sun sends forth light and heat.
send sb. away解雇;逐出

A. vi. 下落 It will be cooler when the sun has set.
B. vt.(1)放置;摆设 She set the dish on the table.  
 Let’s set the clock by the radio signal.
(2)规定;确定 He set a strict rule for himself.
 Have they set the time for the meeting?
 With only a few words he set us laughing.
 What he said set me thinking.
 He set all the prisoners free.
 That set all our doubts at rest.这消除了我们所有的怀疑。
set about doing sth.= set out to do sth.开始做
set an example做出榜样
  A room has been set apart for the purpose.
set fire to sth.= set sth. on fire放火烧
set foot in…进入;踏上
set…in order整顿
set off动身
set one’s mind/ heart on…下定决心
set out动身;出发
 He set out his reasons for what he had done.
set sail启航
set… to work使开始工作
 He set to work at once writing the book.
 He set everyone to work together.
set…upside down颠倒过来

A. vt. (1)拿给人看  Show me your ticket, please!  
Can you show me a bigger one?
(2)说明;表明 Her eyes showed that she was lying.  
Show us how to use this machine.
 That shows how ignorant we are.
(3)表现;显露 He showed courage in face of danger.
(4)放映;展出 A new film is being shown at this cinema.
(5)带领 Show them in, please.   
I’ll show you into my room.
show off炫耀;表现自己
 This guy likes showing off.
 I don’t like the way he shows off his knowledge.
show one’s face 露面
show oneself出席;显露出来
 His anger showed itself in his voice.
show up出现;出席
This only served to show up their weakness.

A. vi.说;发言 He spoke with me about his childhood. 
He was too hurt to speak to us.
 I’ve never spoken of these things to anyone before.
 He spoke at the meeting yesterday.
 Action speaks louder than words.
 She spoke in broken English.
B. vt.说 She speaks good French.  
Trust me that I am speaking the truth.
speak for…代表……说话;为……辩护
 I can only speak for myself.
speak out大胆讲出来
speak out against…发言反对
 He spoke out against what he thought was unjust.
speak up坦率说出自己的看法;说话大声些
speak highly/well/highly/ill/badly of…称赞/非议
generally/strictly/broadly/roughly/frankly speaking=to speak generally, etc.一般来说,严格地讲,广义地讲,严格地讲,老实地说
be spoken of as…被说成为
nothing to speak of…不值一说;没有说的价值
A. vi. (1)站  Come and sit by my side if you love me.
(2)立于  The house stands between the two large trees.
  There stood a strange man right behind me.
B. vt. (1)放Stand the ladder against the wall.
If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
stand against…反对
 They all stood against the war.
stand at attention/ease立正/稍息
stand behind sb. 支持
stand by支持;袖手旁观;准备行动
 We’ll stand by you through thick and thin.
 You mustn’t stand by and do nothing about it.
stand for…代表,表示;主张
 X often stands for an unknown number.
 We stand for self-reliance(自力更生).
stand on one’s own feet依靠自己
stand out突出;显著
 Her talent stood out in comparison with the others.
stand aside站开;不参与;靠边站
stand back向后退
stand still站住;停顿
stand up站起;起立

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