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A. vt. (1)拿  Taking a sheet of paper, she began to write.
(2)带(往某处)  After that she took us to Rome.
Take a little more bread.  He took some medicine.
(4)乘坐      They took a taxi home.
(5)采取,接受,选择He took a doctor’s degree.   
  After lots of thinking, she took the job.
(6)测量;照(像);记录Let me take your blood pressure.
     We took a few pictures of the hill.
(7)对待;接受  You cannot take this too seriously.
(8)需要How long does it take to finish washing these dishes?
(9)攻下 They took the town by surprise.
take a chance碰碰运气
take one’s seat坐下;就座
take a turn for the better好转
take a vote表决
take advantage of利用;占便宜
take aim at…瞄准
take part in…参加
take A as B当成
take…by surprise突然袭击
take care 当心
take care of…照顾;负责
take charge of…负责
take delight/ pleasure/ interest /pride in…喜欢、以……自豪
take effect生效
take A for B=take A to be B认为A是B
take…for granted视为当然,想必是
 Some students take it for granted that English is easy to learn.
take hold of…抓住;握住
take…into consideration把……纳入考虑范围内
take it easy别紧张;放开些;放松些
take note/notice of…注意;留心
take notes记录
take office上任;就职
take on…雇佣;呈现
take one’s time从容从事;慢慢来
take pains/trouble to do sth.不辞辛劳地做
take place发生;举行
take root生根
take shape成型
take the chair主持会议
take the place of…代替
take turns to do sth.= take turns in doing sth.轮流做
take warning from…引以为戒;吸取教训
be taken ill/sick生病
take a short cut走捷径

A. vi. 谈话;讲话
 He is talking loudly in the front of the classroom.
talk away不停地讲;通过谈话消除
talk back (to sb.)还嘴;顶嘴
talk big吹牛
talk sb. into doing sth.劝说干           
talk sb. out of doing sth. 劝说不干
talk out说完
talk …over讨论
talk to sb.与谈话;责备
talk of…谈到
talk about…谈论;讲
talk together商量;谈判

A. vt. (1)告诉;讲 Tell me your name. 
He told us what had happened to him.
I’ll tell you what to do next.     
Don’t tell me. Let me guess.
Do as you are told to.
(2)判断I really can’t tell the differences between them.
I can hardly tell Kate from her twain sister.
=I can hardly tell Kate and her twain sister apart.
tell A and apart= tell A from B区分开A与B
to tell the truth说老实话
tell sb. about/ of sth.向某人讲起……
tell the world…公开讲;宣扬
tell a lie说谎         
tell a white lie说善意的谎言
tell it like it is实话实说
there is no telling…难以预料
 There is no telling when he will return.
I’ll tell you what.让我告诉你真相/怎么去做。
Never tell me!别瞎扯了!
You are telling me!还要你告诉我(我早知道了)!

A. vi.想,思考Give me some time to think.    
He told us to try to think in English.
B. vt.认为;想
 I never thought you could complete the work so soon.
 I don’t think I can get away now.
 Where do you think we can get this book?
 She isn’t as slow as you think she is.
 I think the book worth reading again.
 This kind of computer is thought (to be) too hard to operate.
 We all think her a good learner.
 I thought it our duty to offer them some medical care.
 I think it a great honor to speak here.
think about…考虑
think of…想到;想起;为着想;打算
 This picture made us think of the days in the army.
 He couldn’t think of anything to say.
 She is always thinking of others.
 She is thinking of going downtown this afternoon.
 What do you think of this movie?
think highly/ well/ a lot/ a great deal/ much/ poorly/ ill/ badly/ little/ nothing of对评价高/低
think of A as B认为A是B
think twice before…要三思后再……
just think…想想看(表示惊讶)
 Just think of the price!
wouldn’t/couldn’t think of…绝不能考虑/想象(做这样的事) I couldn’t think of disturbing them at this our of night.
think hard沉思

A. vi. 转弯,转身,转动 The planet turns round the sun. 
 I turned and saw a boy running away.
B. vt. (1)转向,转动 Please turn your eyes this way. 
 Nothing can turn us from our purpose.
 The doctor turned him over and looked at his back.
C. link v.变得 Her face turned pale at the news.  
 His hair is turning grey.
 The weather suddenly turned cold.
 Later he turned doctor.
turn a deaf ear to sth. 不听;不理睬 
turn a blind eye to sth. 不看;不理睬
 They turned a deaf ear to the people’s sufferings.
 They turned a blind eye to our demands.
turn… aside避开;转变方向
turn back转过身来;赶回去     
turn A into B把A变成B
turn out关上;解雇;证明是,结果是,实际情况是
 The day turned out fine.   He turned out to be a traitor.
 It turned out that he had never been there.
turn one’s back on…对不理睬
turn one’s head使头晕/昏
turn one’s stomach使作呕
 I turned over the keys to Mr. Smith.
 He turned over all the tables in anger.
 He turned over one page or two and gave up.
turn to sb. for help/advice求助于
turn to…翻到
turn up露面, 出席
 He turned up the dictionary and found the explanation.
turn…upside down/ inside out颠倒, 翻过来

A. vi. (1)工作
 He was forced to work from morning till night.
 Soon the machine worked a gain smoothly.
 His method worked.   
It’s a good idea, but it won’t work.
 The treatment works like magic.
work at…干(某活动),研究等
 She is busy working a new invention.
work away 不停地干
work on…从事 We’re working on some wood-cuts.
work on…对起作用;激发 work with…对……行得通

A. vi.来She is coming in no time.  Here comes the soup.
  He came running all the way.
 He has come to love the stories by William Shakespeare.
  He has come to realize the importance of good English.
B. link v.  His dream finally came true.
come about发生
come across…偶遇;偶尔发现
come along一道来;一起去;进步;赶快
come at…袭击
come by… 获得
   How did you come by these pictures?
come away脱离;折断
come back回来;复员;恢复
come down倒下;跌落;传下来
come down with…患(病)
come (in) first/second得第一/二
come forth出来;涌现
come forward 前进;自告奋勇;涌现
come from… 出身于;来自
come in/ into sight出现;被看见
come into being/ existence发生;产生;出现
come into effect/ force开始生效;开始实施
come into power/ office上台;掌握政权
come into use 开始使用
come off脱落;发生
come on(风雨等)到来;演出;赶快
come out长出来;出版
come out against… 起来反对
come out with… 讲出;泄露(秘密等)
come to= come to oneslef苏醒过来
come to …总计;谈到
  His earnings comes to $182,000 a year.
  When it comes to football, everyone likes David Beckham.
come a conclusion得出结论;告一段落
come to a stop/ an end停止
come to nothing毫无结果;失败
come to the point说到要点;抓住关键
come up走近;长出;流行
come upon…碰见

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