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1. --- Is there any possible way to help them get rid of such a bad habit?

--- To tell the truth, it’s very hard. But we    on this problem trying to improve the situation.

A. worked    B. had worked     C. are working     D. had been working



2. The computer looks old, but it _________ just half a year ago.

A. has been bought     B. will be bought     C. is bought    D. was bought


解析】考查动词时态。本题容易错选A项。语境有具体过去时间“half a year ago”,因此buy表示过去的动作,用一般过去时被动语态。

5. On March 14, violent crimes of beating, looting and burning in Lhasa of Tibet broke out, _____ 13 innocent people and with more than 300 _____.

A. killed; injured       B. killing; injured       C. killed; injuring   D. killing; injuring

【答案】 B


10. 一Isn't it a surprise that I happened to meet Francis Mathews at the Christmas party last week?

一If my memory serves me correctly, you _____ each other for exactly two years.

A. hadn't seen     B. haven't seen        C. didn't see        D. don’t see

【答案】 A


12. —What do you think of the blind man?

       —I’ve never seen a man with         sense of touch.

A. the better      B. a better        C. a good      D. the best

【答案】 B   


13. The result was far beyond _____we had expected, ____brought great joy to every one of us.

       A. that; which              B. than; that                 C. what; what       D. what; which

【答案】 D


17. —Where is Bob? I cannot find him anywhere.

—He        have been off long. I heard him make a call just now.

A. shouldn’t      B. can’t           C. mustn’t        D. needn’t

【答案】 B

解析】考查情态动词与虚拟语气用法。语境表示语气很肯定的否定判断推测:我刚才还听见他打电话了,因此他一定没走多远。用can’t have done。

18. If the prediction for the earthquake ________ more accurate, we would have been more prepared and many more lives would have been saved.

A. had been           B. was          C. has been         D. were


解析】考查虚拟语气。语境表示假如地震的预测更准确,我们就能做好准备,很多生命就不会失去了,主句使用了would have done,因此表示与过去实际情况相反的假设,状语从句用过去完成时,因此选A。

24. —I just wonder        that made Mark Twain so famous a writer.

—Of course his early experiences.

A. it was what                     B. what he did               C. how he did               D. what it was



27. —I found my mom not feeling well this morning. I’m afraid she is ill.


A. Don’t worry too much                   B. It’s nothing at all

C. I’m sorry to hear that                    D. Take it easy

【答案】 C


10非 选 择 题 部 分



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4. Where is the passage likely to appear?

A. In a popular newspaper.             B. In a farming magazine.

C. On the website.                    D. In a document of the UN.







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