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似曾相识误区多    火眼金睛巧解题


1. We were in such an anxious rush ___ we left that we forgot the airline tickets
A that  B which  C when  D. where
【分析】正确答案为C,学生受到似曾相识的句式 such…. that….的影响, 易误选A

2. please remind me ___ he said he was going.,I may be in time to see him off.
 A that  B what  C when  D. where
【分析】正确答案为C,学生受到似曾相识的结构what he said.的影响, 易误选B

3. perhaps this is the only market___ you can get such a second hand computer
  A that  B which  C of which  D. where
【分析】正确答案为D,学生受到似曾相识的语法规则的影响,认为定语从句中先行词有the only 修饰时不用which只用 that, 导致考生机械地套用语法,不分析句子结构而作出错误的选择, 易误选A

4 .It is global warming ,rather than other factors, ___the extreme weather.
  A that have led to   B which has caused 
C which are causing  D. that has led to
【分析】正确答案为D,学生受到似曾相识的语法规则的影响,非限制性定语从句中引导词不用that 只用which,而非限制性定语从句的主要特征是有逗号,所以不少同学看见逗号便机械地套用语法,排除了A,D 误选了B

5.The country life he was used to______greatly since 1992.
   A.change  B.has changed  C.changing  D.have changed
【分析】正确答案为B,学生受到似曾相识的be used to的影响, 易误选A,C

6. You can’t imagine what difficulty we had ______ home in the snowstorm.
A. walked B. walk C. to walk D. walking
【分析】正确答案为 D,学生受到似曾相识的结构have to do或have done的影响, 易误选A或C

1.Mr. Smith is______ a good teacher______ we all respect.
A. such, that  B. such, as  C. so, that  D. so, as
2. Is there a shop around ______ we can buy some toilet articles?
A.that B. which C. where D. What
3.If you want to go to see the movie,so ______ I.
A. do  B. am  C. will  D. should
4. The “Two Cities” referred ______ London and Paris.
A. is to B. to be   C. to are  D. to going to be
5.Mr.Reed made up his mind to devote all he had to______some schools for poor children.
A.setup  B.setting up  C.have set up  D.having set up
6. --What do you think made Mary so upset?
  --____her new bicycle.
A.As she lost  B.Lost  C.Losing  D.Because of losing
7. The home improvements have taken what little there is______my spare time.
A.from  B.in  C.of  D.at
8. In order not to be disturbed, I spent three hours ______ in my study.
A. locking B. locked  C. to lock D. to be locked
9. He made up his mind to devote his life ______pollution______ happily.
A. to prevent, to live B. to prevent, from living
C. to preventing, to live D. to preventing, living
10. ______smoking here will be fined.
A. Who B. Whomever C. Anyone D. Whoever
11. After______ seemed like hours he came out with a bitter smile.
A. what B. it  C. which  D. that
12. ______is known to everybody, the moon travels round the earth once every month.
A. It B. As  C. That D. What
13. This is so difficult a problem ___we can’t work out
    A that   B which  C as   D what
14. Remind him ______ the window when he leaves.
A. of closing  B. closing  C. to close  D. close
15. It was 10 clock ______ the front doorbell rang.
A. where  B. When   C. that  D. which
16. Before he went abroad, he spent as much time as he ______ English.
A. could learning   B. learned
C. could to learn   D. could learn
17.--- Where did you see him?
   --- It was in the hotel _____ he stayed .
A that   B where  C which   D what
18. _____is important to a person is ____he must know what he is fit for.
A It that   B. As  that  t  C.What  that  D That  wha
19.  These two areas are similar ___they both have a high rainfall during this season.
A  to that  B in that  C.except that  D.besides that
20 . As time went by, the plan  we stuck ____ fairly practical.
A. to proved  B. to proving  C. proved  D. to be proved

Keys: 1- 10   BCCCB   CBCCD    11-20   ABCCB   ABCBA

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