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①变化类:    become get turn grow make come go fall

②感官类:     look sound feel taste smell

③显得类:     seem appear look

④状态类:     keep stay remain lie sit stand  (prove turn out)

二、使役、感官动词类: see look at watch notice observe let make have/get hear listen to feel


三、主动表被动: sell  wash  burn  cook  cut  drive  dress  play  last  open write  start  run  read  act  draw


四、只接动名词做宾语的词/词组: consider suggest/advise look forward to excuse/pardon  admit put off/delay/postpone fancy avoid miss keep/keep on practice  deny finish enjoy/appreciate forbid imagine risk can’t help mind allow/permit  escape

提示:   考虑建议盼原谅,承认推迟没得想。



① “to”作介词 get down to  devote… to   lead to  be/get/become used to 

go back to   object to

② 带有介词in   succeed(in)  spend/waste time(in)   be busy(in)   

have a good/hard time(in)   have difficulty/trouble(in)

③ give up     dislike     feel like   insist on      can’t stand  understand

④“值得”be worth=deserve  be worthy of being done / be worthy to be done

⑤ It is no use/good  It is of little use/good   It is useless

五、只接不定式作宾语的词/词组: decide/determine  learn  want  expect/hope/wish refuse  manage  care  pretend  offer  promise  choose  plan  agree  ask/beg  help


此外:seem         attempt         fail         happen          afford            strive    

make up one’s mind to   be determined to               would/should like/love to

make great efforts to

六、接动名词、不定式意义不同的词:forget  remember  regret  go on  mean  stop  try can’t help (can’t help but do = can’t but do = can’t choose but do = do nothing/have nothing to do but do = have no choice but to do sth = have to do sth.)

七、不带不定式作复合宾语: hope agree suggest demand imagine

八、宾语不同、语态不同、但意义相同: “需要” need require want

九、接宾语和宾补、形式不同:allow permit forbid advise consider

十、接虚拟语气的词: insist order command advise suggest propose recommend demand ask require request


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