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Unit 1.
1. inspire sb to do sth 鼓舞某人做某事 an inspiring speech 鼓舞人心的演讲 inspiration
2. undertake = set about = attempt 着手做… undertake a journey 去旅行 undertake to do sth着手做…
undertake responsibility for…承担…的责任
3. be curious about 对….好奇
4. go by 过去 / 走过 go all out 全力以赴 go in for 喜欢 go by rules 遵守规定
5. be / get engaged to sb 与某人订婚 be / get engaged in doing 从事做某事 / 忙于做某事
(be busy doing)
6. go on with 继续某种行为
7. make a research on 研究… carry out a research into the cause of cancer 进行癌症起因的研究
8. dream of 梦到
9. seek after 追求 seek for = look for seek one's advice 征求某人意见 seek to do sth 企图做某事
10. turn out (to be) / prove to be结果是 turn to sb for help = ask sb for help
turn away from 避开 turn down turn up
11. use up 用完
12. be content with = be satisfied with 对…满意
13. take a look at 看
14. what if 倘若…将会怎样 / 即使….又有什么要紧
15. the other way round 相反地
16. make / carry out an experiment on 进行…的实验
17. within oneself 在…能力范围内 beyond oneself
18. make a list of 列出….的清单
19. There is no point in doing 做某事没意义 come to the point 讲正题 to the point 中肯 / 切题
20. neither / never / hardly / seldom / not only / nowhere / in no way / little / scarcely / rerely位于句首要倒装
Hardly had he arrived at the cinema when it began to rain.
Not only did Hawking get married, but also he had 2 lovely children.
21. on one hand…. on the other hand 一方面…另一方面
22. make a difference = play a part in 起作用 / 与众不同
23. be described as 被描述为
24. Only + 副词 / 介词短语 / 状语从句 (倒装)
Only once was he beaten for his dishonesty
Only by working hard can we succeed in everything.
Only in this way can you master English
Only when he told me did I realize what trouble he was in
25. find faults with 吹毛求疵
26. He proves a most intelligent student 证明是 / 结果是
27. be similar to 类似于 be the same as 与….相同 The same to you 同贺 It's the same with you
28. There's no / little doubt that….毫无疑问..
Sb doubts whether / if …. Sb doesn't doubt that…
29. Sth needs / wants / require doing / to be done
Unit 2.
1. be faced with 面临… rely on = depend on 依靠 rely on sb to do sth 相信某人做某事
face up to 面对 face difficulty 面对困难 face the music接受不好的结果
2. go up 上升 / 增长
3. burn down 烧毁 burn up烧尽
4. inform sb of / about sth 通知某人某事 a well-informed person 消息灵通人士
keep sb informed 告知某人
5. relate sb / sth 理解或同情某人 relate…. to 与…..有关 / 涉及
be related to 与….有关 in relation to 关于
6. at present = now 现在 for the present 暂时 up to the present 至今 presently = very soon
7. His behavior is a reflection of his home education.
8. make a good effort = make every effort 努力做某事 spare no effort 不遗余力 without effort 毫不费力
9. be addicted to 沉溺于
10. even if = even though 即使 / 尽管确 as if = as though
11. draw / attract / catch attention to 对….表示注意 pay attention to 注意…
devote one's attention to 专心于 fix one's attention on 集中注意力于.. call attention to 唤起对…的注意
12. on all sides = on every side 在各方面 / 到处 from all sides 从四面八方
on one's side 站在某人一边 take sides with 站在…的一边
13. change one's mind 改变主意
14. current affairs 时事
15. as far as I am concerned 既我所知 show concern for…. 对….表示关心
16. look up to 尊敬某人 look down on / upon 轻视某人 look through look forward to
17. fall in love with 爱上…
18. in comparison to / with 与….相比较
19. more than 不仅仅 / 超越 no more than 仅仅 more brave than wise有勇有谋
The beauty of Xiamen is more than words can describe
20. just for once = for this once = for this once 仅此一次 once in a while 偶尔
once and for all 一劳永逸的 all at once = suddenly = all of a sudden
21. adapt to 适应
22. suffer from headache / floods 患…病 / 遭受… suffer a great loss 遭受重大损失
23. think highly / much / well of … 对…高度评价 think ill / little / lightly of 对…评价低
speak ill of说坏话
24. bore sb with sth 用某事烦恼某人 be bored with 对…..感到厌烦
25. to one's disappointment 令人感到失望的是 be disappointed at 对….感到失望
26. ask / look for trouble 自找麻烦 be in trouble 处于困境 get into trouble 陷入困境
have trouble in doing make trouble 惹麻烦 put a person to trouble 给某人添麻烦
take trouble to do sth
Unit 3.
1. have a preference for 偏爱 in preference to 优先于 prefer to do….rather than do
2. make a convenience of sb 利用某人
3. be impressed by / with / at 欣赏 / 受感动 be impressed on one's mind / memory 留在脑海里
leave / make a…impression on sb 给某人留下…的印象 impress sth on sb = impress sb with sth 使..牢记
4. despite = in spite of 尽管 ( + 短语) although / though ( +从句)
5. The Opera House 歌剧院
6. fill up with 用…..装满 fill in 填写 be filled with = be full of 装满了…
7. belong to 属于
8. set aside 搁置....一旁 / 拨出 / 留出
9. develop into 长成 develop heavy industries 发展重工业 develop the mind 启发思想
develop the film 冲洗胶卷 develop one's health 增进健康 be under development 在发展中
10. live close to / near to stand closer to 更接近… keep close to me 紧跟我 come to a close 结束
He came close to losing temper 差一点儿发脾气
11. in the twenties 在二十年代 in one's twenties 在二十几岁时
12. in a way to look unnatural / of looking unnatural
13. go against 违背 / 反对
What you did went against your parents' wishes. His thinking goes against all logic.
14. in the choice of 从…..的选择上 make a choice have no choice / alternative but to do别无选择只好..
15. works of art 艺术品
16. after a while 一会儿之后 all the while 始终 once in a while 偶尔
17. Though / Although he is young, he knew a lot about the world. 尽管
Despite / In spite of his young age, he knew a lot about the world.
Young as / though he is, he knew a lot about the world.
18. think of = think about 想起
19. It looks like rain = It looks as if it is going to rain.
20. A is to B what / as C is to D. 正如
21. be fit for = be suitable for = be suited to = be cut out for 适合于 fit in with = get on well with 符合
fit sb for sth 使某人能胜任
22. pull down 拆除 pull in pull out of
23. be decorated with 被装饰....
24. remind sb of sth remind sb to do sth
25. set aside the book 搁置一边 set aside / lay aside some money 储蓄 set aside one's advice 不理会
set aside a decision 取消 aside from 除了
26. of different sizes / weights / shapes of the same size / weight / shape of high quality 高质量
be an interest to = be of great interest to = be very interesting to
be a value to = be of great value to = be very valuable to
27. for sale 待售 on sale 在出售 buy sth at a sale 大减价时买某物 have a sale on sth 大甩卖
sales department销售部
28. show good taste in 对….有鉴赏力 have a taste for / in … 喜好 to one's taste 合某人口味
29. would rather (not) do sth 宁愿(不)做 would rather (not) have done 宁愿(没)做过
would rather do … than do 宁愿做…也不… would … rather than do 宁愿….也不
30. get ill get lost get married to get used to get tired get dressed get angry get drunk
31. all the same = just the same 仍然 / 还是 be all / just the same to …对….来说都一样
The same to you 同贺
32. be joined / connected to 与….连接 be connected with 与…有联系
33. follow / copy the example of 以….为榜样 set sb an example= set an example to sb为某人树立榜样
for example take…. for example 以… 为例
34. invite sb to a party 邀请某人参加聚会 is / looks inviting 诱人的 feel invited to do 很想做…
35. with the help / aid of… 在…的帮助下 come / go to one's aid 来 / 去帮助别人 first aid 急救
in aid of 作为对…的帮助
Unit 4.
1. intend to do / doing 打算做… intention
2. put together 把…. 结合成一体 / 装配
3. all sorts of = all kinds of 各种各样的 sort out 整理
4. play with 玩耍 / 游戏
5. call up 召唤 / 使人想起 / 打电话 call back 回想起 call forth 鼓起 call off 取消
call for 要求 / 提倡 call in 召集 call on 拜访
6. stand out 突出 belong to 属于 a most interesting book (= very非常)
7. absence of mind 心不在焉 in the absence of = in one's absence ….不在时 / 背地里
8. be introduced into 被传入
9. light up 照亮 / 使放光彩
10. come / bring into being 出现 / 形成 come into force 实施
come into effect 生效 for the time being
11. send for 使某人到来 send up 发射 send out an invitation 发出 send off = see off 送行
12. apart from 除了 fall apart = fall into pieces 摔成碎片 tell apart 分辨 set apart 拨出
13. contribute to 为…做贡献 / 有助于… make a contribution to 为…作出贡献
14. be on broad 在船 / 飞机上 get / go on board 上船 / 飞机
15. get through 通过
16. be interested in of interest = interesting take / have / show / feel an interest in.. 对… 感兴趣
17. as follows 如下 in the following years = in the years that followed在随后的几年里
follow the example of 效仿 follow one's advice 听从某人的建议 follow the medicine 服药
18. much / a little / a lot / by far / far / still / rather / any + 比较级
19. fall into 进入 fall into a deep sleep 进入酣睡 fall into poverty 陷入贫困
fall into a habit of 养成fall into conversation with sb 与… 谈起来
20. start with = begin with 以…开始 to start with 首先
21. be well worth doing = be well worthy of being done / to be done 非常值得做…
22. recommend doing 建议做… recommend sb to do 建议某人做… recommend sb as 推荐某人为..
recommend + that …建议… (that从句中用should + 动词原形,should可)
Unit 5
1. consist of = be made up of = include 由…..组成
2. make a mistake do sth by mistake 错做某事 mistake A for B
3. narrow escape 九死一生 narrowed-minded 气量狭小的
4. make out 辨认 / 理解 make up for 弥补 make use of make up 捏造 / 化妆
make up one's mind make / earn a living 谋生 make / earn money make friends with
5. make the most of = make the best of = make full / good use of 充分利用
6. hold together 连在一起/团结一致 hold up 耽搁 hold with the idea 赞同观点 hold out a promise 作出
hold to / keep to one's decision 坚持 hold on / hang on keep back / hold back 阻止
catch hold of 抓住 hold off = keep off(远离)= put off (推迟)
7. Northern Ireland 北爱尔兰
8. The English Channel 英吉利海峡 the Irish Sea the Isle of Man the Atlantic Ocean 大西洋
9. in general = generally = as a rule一般地 / 大体上 on the whole 总的来说 mostly 通常
10. under the influence of 受…..的影响 have a good / bad influence on 对….有好坏的影响
be influence by 受….的影响
11. namely = that is (to say) 也就是说 call sb name 辱骂某人 in the name of 以….的名义
12. with the approach of 随着….的临近
13. the BBC World Service
14. be famous / well-known as 作为….而出名 be famous / well-known for 因….而出名
be known to sb 为…..所熟知
15. agree to a plan / a suggestion / an agreement come to / arrive at / make / reach an agreement 达成协议 be in agreement on / upon / with / about 与….意见一致
16. have advantage over 胜过 / 优于 take advantage of 利用
17. stand for 代表
18. lie on lie in lie to lie off the coast 远离海岸线 lie on the coast 在海岸线上
19. Our class is divided into two groups. 被分成
England is separated from France by the Channel 被分离
20. at one point 在某处 / 一度 make political points 发表政治观点 to the point 切中要害
off the point 离题 be on the point of doing 正要做….的时候
21. settle in 定居 settle down 安定下来
22. form the basis for 为…..打下基础 on the basis of 以….为基础 at the base 在底部
be based on 以 …为根据
23. end up with = end up in 以…而告终
24. as well as = and as far as 远至 as long as 长达 as many as 多达
The boy walked as far as the river bank. as far as I know = so far as I know 据我所知
I'll help you as far as I can = as much as I can = as much as possible 尽我所能
◆do all / everything one can to do sth = do what one can (do) to do sth = try / do one's best to do sth
= try every / all means to do sth = make every effort to do sth = spare no effort to do sth 竭尽某人所能
25. be of great value = be very valuable = be a value 有价值
be of a shape / a size / an age / high quality
26. have a clear idea of 对….有清晰的看法 have an idea of 有….的想法 have no idea of
27. go on diet = be on a diet 节食 have a light diet 饮食清淡
28. do a research on = make a research into 对….进行研究 raise money 筹钱 without doubt 毫无疑问
29. make … to one's own measure 按照…的尺寸做… take measures to do sth 采取措施做….
It's no wonder that ….难怪 It's no use doing There is no need to do 没必要做…
There is no possibility to do 没有可能做… There is no doubt that .. I doubt if / whether …I don't doubt that
30. join in the discussion 参加讨论 join sb in doing the experiment 与某人做实验 join sb for dinner
31. feed sb with sth = feed sth to sb 用….喂某人 feed on = live on 以….为食
32. spread out 铺开 / 展开 spread to 传播到
Unit 6
1. a weather forecast 天气预报 make forecast about 对…作出预测
2. catch / get a glimpse of = catch a brief sight of 瞥见
3. ensure = make sure of 保证
4. keep / stay / get in touch with = keep in communication with 与…保持联系
be in touch with sb be out of touch with sb = lose touch with sb 与…失去联系
5. be crowded with 挤满 crowd into 涌入
6. It remains to be proved 有待证明 After the fire, very little remained of my house.
7. pay / give attention to attract / draw / invite one's attention to 吸引某人注意某物
fix one's attention on = focus on 注意力集中在… devote one's attention to …专心于…
With a better understanding of …对….有更好的理解
8. regular consumers 老主顾
9. deal with = do with 处理
10. cure sb of the disease 治疗某人的疾病 bring about a cure 使…痊愈
There is still no cure for the common cold
11. keep sb at a distance 对…保持疏远 in the distance 在远处
12. be well-prepared for = be ready for 为…做好准备
13. in store 就要到来 / 准备着 / 储藏着
14. old-fashioned 老式的 / 过时的 come into fashion 开始流行 go out of fashion 不在流行
follow the fashion 赶时髦
15. come true = come into reality 成为现实 in reality = in fact = as a matter of fact
16. What happened to sb = What became of sb = What occurred to sb 某人怎么啦
17. in future = from now on 从今以后 in the future 在未来
18. What is the weather like = How is the weather
19. drive at full / top speed 以全速开车 put on speed 加速 at a price of 以…的价格 at a high speed
20. in this way 采取这种方法 in the way 挡道 in a way 从某种意义上说 by the way 顺便提一下
on the / one's way 在途中 a way of doing sth = a way to do sth
21. do business with sb 与…做生意 on business 出差 in business 做生意
get down to business 言归正传
It's none of your business = Mind your own business 不关你事
22. search some place for sth make a search for = be in search of 寻找…
23. combine… with What fun it is to do sth for / in fun 开玩笑地 make fun of = laugh at取笑
24. bring about = lead to = cause = result in = contribute to 导致
25. be different from = differ from make a difference 与众不同 / 起作用 make no difference 没关系
26. It's certain that …
27. appreciate the danger 意识到… appreciate one's help 感激.. appreciate one's friendship 重视…
appreciate works of art 欣赏..
28. instead of = rather than = in place of 而不是
29. keep / bear sb company 陪伴某人 in the company of 在…的陪同下
30. It looks like a good time for a change. 好像 / 似乎 feel like doing = would like to do
31. after all 毕竟 above all 最重要的是 in all = in total = altogether
32. be concerned about / over / for 关心 be concerned with / in 与…有关 show / express concern about
Unit. 7
1. live with 忍受 / 与….住在一起 a live broadcast 现场广播 live on = feed on 以….为食 live up to
live by 靠…为生 live through 经受住 / 度过 live / lead a simple life 过着简朴的生活
2. via = by way of 途经
3. persuade sb to do sth = persuade sb into doing sth 劝说某人干某事
persuade sb not to do sth = persuade sb out of doing sth劝说某人不要干某事
persuade sb of sth 使某人相信… advise sb to do sth = try to persuade sb to do sth 试图劝说…
4. receive good treatment from sb 受到某人良好待遇
5. die from lack of food / a wound / an accident 死于(外部因素)
die of hunger / cold / illness 死于(内部因素)
6. lack of 缺乏 have no lack of 不缺乏 lack of nothing 一无所缺
7. in the proper way 用正当的方法
8. discourage sb from doing sth 劝阻某人不要做某事
9. cheer …up 使…感到兴奋 / 使….感到高兴
10. suffer from 遭受(痛苦 / 疾病 / 损失) He suffered for his carelessness 因…而受苦
11. with all one's strength 全力
12. recover one's losses 弥补损失 recover one's health 恢复健康
13. on the contrary 正相反
14. for the moment = for the time being 暂时 / 目前 for free = free of charge 免费的 get free 恢复自由
free from 不受….的影响 / 没有…的
15. by turns 轮流的 by mistakes 错误的 by far …得多
learn…by heart 背熟 little by little = gradually take ….by surprise 出奇不意的攻占.. / 使…惊奇
16. be / become infected with 被传染上 an infected area 污染地区
17. by accident = by chance = accidentally 偶然地 by no means = at no time = in no case = in no way 决不
by means of 借助 by oneself = alone 独自
18. be different from = differ from be similar to 类似于 be the same as 与…一样
19. get lost get married get separated 分离 get injured 受伤 get about = spread 传开
get on / along well with get close to 接近… get down to doing 着手做… get / keep / get in touch with
20. be / make friends with 与…交友
21. feel for sth 摸索找… feel like doing 想要做.. feel one's way 摸索前进
22. take / make a note of 记录 / 记下 take note of = take notice of 注意到 take no notice of 忽视
compare notes 交换意见
23. can't help doing = can't help but to do 禁不住干某事 help sb with sth help oneself to 自便 / 取
24. keep + adi 使…保持 keep…doing 使…处于 keep a record 保持记录 keep back / hold back阻止
keep fit = keep healthy keep….in mind记住 keep / catch up with keep on doing 持续做…
keep one's promise 信守承诺 keep an eye on = keep a close watch on 密切注意 / 监视
keep away from = keep off 避开 keep house 当家 keep the house 看守家园 keep silent / quiet
keep calm 保持镇定 keep still 保持不动 keep doing (动作的持续)Keep standing there for an hour.
keep on doing(动作的反复)Keep on standing up 一再起立
25. break down 破坏 / 损坏
26. immune system contact with 与…接触
27. spread out 传开消息 spread rumors 散步谣言
spread oneself 舒展身体 spread = get about / around / round
28. owing to = due to = because of = on account of 由于
29. through birth 与生俱来
30. Being ill (= As she was ill), she didn't go to school today
Not having received (=As I had no received) an answer, I wrote to him again.
31. all the way 径直 in any way 不管怎样 lose one's way 迷路 make one's way to 前进
32. 许多 a great (good) number of / quite a few / a good (great) many / plenty of + 可数名词复数
a great (good) deal of / a large amount of / a large quantity of + 不可数名词
33. take samples of 采集…样本
34. have an empty feeling in sb's stomach 脑袋一片空白 have no stomach for 对…没有胃口/对...不赞同
35. be treated with 接受…的治疗 treat sb to sth 款待某人某物 treat sb for(身体部位)治愈
She treated me as a child and treated me to a movie. The doctor treated her for a broken arm
36. take every chance to live life to the fullest chance to do = happen to do 碰巧做…
have / take a chance to do sth = have / take a chance of doing sth 利用机会做…. by any chance 万一
It so happen / chanced that …. 碰巧…
37. look on / think of / consider/ regard / treat … as 把…当作
Unit. 8
1. aid sb with / in sth 帮助某人做某事 with the aid / help of 在…的帮助下 first aid 急救
2. in ink = in pen = with a pen 用钢笔
3. catch / take fire 着火 make / light / start a fire 生火 set sth on fire = set fire to sth 纵火
fire a gun at 对…开火 fire station 消防站
4. upside down 颠倒着
5. a witness of an accident 事故目击者 call sb to witness 叫某人作证
give witness on behalf of sb 为某人作证
6. keep / bear / have in mind 记住 bring / call sth to one's mind 想起
come into one's mind 计上心来 make up one's mind 下定决心
7. calm down 平息
8. be in a panic 在恐慌中 be seized / struck with a panic 惊慌失措 cause a panic 引起恐慌
get into a panic 陷入恐慌状态
9. in response to 响应 make / give no response to 对…不予回答 respond to / reply to a letter 回信
respond with a smile 报以微笑
10. be conscious of / about 意识到
11. on the tip of one's tongue 话到嘴边,说不出来
12. feel one's pulse 把脉 My heart pulsed / beat fast 心跳
13. revive = come to oneself = come to one's life = come to one' s sense 使苏醒
14. make a quick recovery 复员快 recover one's health 恢复健康 recover one's losses 弥补损失
15. roll over 翻转 roll up 岁月流逝 roll up 挽起袖子
16. suddenly = all of a sudden = all at once 突然地
17. in honor of 为纪念… / 为向…表示敬意 / 为庆祝… do / show / pay honor to sb 向某人表示敬意
on one's honor 以名誉担保 in praise of 歌颂 in memory of 纪念 in favor of 赞同
in place of 代替 in charge of 负责 in need of 需要
18. take possession of 占有 take up 占据 / 开始从事 take pride in 以…为豪
take sides in 站在…一边 take to sb 喜欢某人
19. give a clear explanation to 给…做清晰的解释 explain sth to sb = explain to sb about sth 向某人解释..
in case of +(短语) 假使 / 以防 in case +(从句)假使 / 以防 in any case 无论如何
in this case 这样的话 as the case stands = in reality = in fact = as a matter of fact 事实上
20. on the list 清单上 make a list of 列出清单 a list of 一张…的清单
21. make sure of 确保 make sure that … be sure to do sth = be sure of / about sth 对…有把握
22. turn against 背叛 turn in = hand in 上交 turn over turn to sb for help = ask sb for help
turn up 出现 turn down 拒绝 turn out (to be ) = prove (to be ) 结果是 turn back / around 转身
23. be responsible for / to 对….负责 a sense of responsibility责任感
take the responsibility of / for 负起…的责任
24. save one's life 拯救某人生命 save … from save up 储蓄
25. on the way = under way 在路上 / 即将到来 on the way to doing 就要干某事 in no way
26. be pressed for 迫于 press an attack on 强攻
press one's way 奋力前进 Press conference 记者招待会
27. in common with 与…共有 out of common 特殊的 common property 公共财产
28. see a doctor 看医生 see into = look into 调查 see to it that … 保证… see sb off 给某人送行
29. call for an ambulance 叫救护车 call in a doctor = send for a doctor call off 取消
call on sb to do sth 号召某人干… call for sb to do sth 请某人干… call out for help 大声呼救
30. spit out 吐出 / 坦白说出 spit up 呕吐 / 吐血
spit on / at / upon = look down on / upon 轻视
Unit. 9
1. be content with = be satisfied with 对…满意 be content to do sth 满足于做某事…
content oneself with 满足于
2. the United Nations 联合国 The House of Representatives 众议院
3. sustainable development 可持续发展 sustain = support 支撑
4. kill time 消磨时光 kill off 消灭 / 杀光
5. get / gain access to 接近 have free access to 自由利用 give sb access to 答应让某人使用….
6. live in poverty 过着贫穷的生活
7. take part in = join in
8. stress = emphasize 着重 / 强调 lay / put great access on 着重 / 重视 under the stress of 为…所迫
9. be on an equal with sb 与某人平等 be equal to 与…对等 be equal in… 在…平等
10. be responsible for 对…负责 take the responsibility of / for doing 负起做某事的责任
a sense of responsibility 责任感 bear responsibility for 对…. 负有责任
11. take action 采取行动 take apart 拆开 take back one's words 收回某人的话 take charge 负责
take for 认为 take in 吸收 / 接纳 be taken in by sb 被某人欺骗 take on 呈现 / 雇佣 / 承担
take great trouble to do sth 不辞辛苦干某事 take sb in one's arms 拥抱某人
Action speaks louder than words 事实胜于雄辩 bring into action 使行动起来 go into action 行动起来
12. be willing to do sth 愿意干某事 against one's will 违背某人意愿 at will 随心所欲
13. be in harmony with 与…协调 be out of harmony with 与…不协调
in agreement with 和….一致 agree with (气候,饮食,环境)与…一致
agree on (双方)就…达成一致意见
14. put an end to sth = sth bring to an end = sth come to an end 结束… end up with / in 以…结束
make ends meet 量入为出
15. wipe out 消灭 / 擦洗 / 去除 wipe off 擦掉 wipe away擦掉 wipe off one's debts 还清债务
16. have no choice / alternative but to do sth 别无选择只好做某事
17. car –pooling 合伙用车
18. be affected with… 被传染… affect = have an effect on 影响
19. advise sb (not) to do sth 劝某人(不)做某事
20. make / take a note of = make / take notes of 记录 / 记下
compare notes 交换意见 take note of 注意到
21. make sure of / about sth 保证… make sure that … It is certain that … 一定 / 必定
be sure to do = be certain to do 务必做…
22. be all for …. 完全赞同 go for 支持… fight for 为…而战 struggle for 为…而奋斗
23. all alone = all by oneself 独自 all along 一直 all the same 仍然 all out 全力
all through 全部all round 到处 all over 遍及
24. do whatever one can to do try one's best to do 尽某人所能做….
do everything (that) one can to do try all / every means to do
do all (that) one can to do make an effort to do
do as much as one can to do spare no efforts to do
25. Inversion
A. 完全倒装:In / out / up / down / away / here / there / over / off / next / such / back + come/ go / rush / run等不及物动词
Next came Tom's turn. Such ended his life. (主语是代词时,仍使用正常语序):In he came and the lesson began.
B. 部分倒装:
①Never / little / no / hardly / seldom / not / by no means / in no case / in no time / not until / not a bit / scarcely / barely / no longer / at no time / no sooner …(than) / hardly…(when…)/ not only …(but also…)
Never before have I heard of such a man.
②Only + 地点 / 方式 / 时间状语(从句):
Only in this way can you make progress in English study.
Only when one is away from home does one realize how nice home is.
③Cleverest as he is, he doesn't work hard. (=Although he is the cleverest, he doesn't work hard.)
Child as he is, he knows a lot. (=Although he is a child, he knows a lot.)
④so / such ….that 引导的结果状语从句
So loudly did he speak that everyone could hear him.
⑤省略if的虚拟语气要把had, should, were 提到句首引起倒装:
Had he worked hard (= If he had worked hard), he would have got through the exams.
Should it rain tomorrow (= If it should rain tomorrow), we would have to put off the visit to the Summer Palace.
Unit. 10
1. frighten sb into doing sth frighten sb out of doing sth frightening be frightened to do 害怕做
be frightened of = be afraid of 害怕 be frightened to death = be scared to death 吓得要死
2. on end 直立 / 竖立 end up直立 / 竖立 make ends meet 量入为出 end up with / in 以…结束
3. draw / attract / catch / get one's attention to 吸引某人的注意 bring…to one's attention 使某人注意到某事
focus / fix / devote one's attention on 留心 / 专心于 hold one's attention on 将注意力集中于
4. rise up 起义 give rise to 引起 on the rise 在上涨
5. on the spot 当场 / 在现场 spotlight
6. at first sight 第一眼 at the sight of … 看见 catch / have / get sight of 看见 / 发现
in / within sight 看得见 out of sight 看不见 lose sight of 看不见
7. at hand 近在手边/ 在附近 by hand 用手工 hand in hand 携手
in hand 随时可用 at first hand 直接地 / 亲自 with one's own hand 由某人亲自
8. lose courage = lose heart cluster up one's courage to do sth 鼓起勇气做…
9. flee from = run away from = escape from 逃离…
10. urge sb to do sth = urge sb into doing sth 催促 / 力劝某人干某事 urge against sth 极力反对…
11. calm (sb) down 使某人镇定 / 平静 stay / keep / remain calm 保持冷静
12. on board 上船(火车/飞机/汽车)
13. knock about 冲击 / 碰撞 / 接连打击 knock down 撞倒在地 knock into 相撞 / 不期而遇
knock off 把…撞下来 knock out 击倒
14. all of a sudden = suddenly = all at once 突然
15. live through 度过 / 经受住 live by 以…为生 live on = feed on以…为食 live up to 辜负
get through to 接通到 pass through 通过 look through 浏览 break through 突破
16. as though = as if meanwhile = at the same time 与此同时
17. get into a panic 惊慌失措起来 be in a panic 惊慌
18. be severe with oneself 严于律己 be severe on / upon sb 对待某人严格
19. at a distance of …在距离…(多远)处 in the distance 在远处 keep a distance away 保持一定距离
20. leave for = set out / off for = start out / off for 动身前往…
set out to do = get down to doing = set about doing 着手干…
21. upon arrival = on arrival 一到达
as soon as / immediately / instantly / directly / the moment / the second / the minute + 时间状语从句
hardly + 过去完成时,when + 一般过去时
No sooner + 过去完成时,than + 一般过去时
22. have something to do with 与…有关 be connected with与…有关系 / 和…相连接
23. the more, the better 多多益善 The colder it became, the higher we went up the mountain.
more… than … 与其说…倒不如说… He was more frightened than hurt
24. hold out (食品)维持 / 提供 / 坚持
hold back 隐瞒 / 阻止 hold down 阻止 / 制止 hold on to 执着于 hold over 延期
hold to 坚持 / 抓住 hold up 举起 / 抢劫 hold together 连在一起
25. what's up = what's happening = what's the matter 出了什么事
26. do for 可作…用 / 对…使用
The room is rather small, but it will do for me.

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