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Transport Guide
 The Brisbane City Council(BCC)is responsible for bus and ferry services with in the city limits and suburbs.Most buses will either arrive at the city or an interchange where connecting buses can be caught.BCC buses operate from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm Monday to Thursday and 5:30 am t0 12:00 am on Fridays .On weekends and public holidays buses operate less frequently Pre—paid bus tickets can be purchased from the QUT (Queensland University of Technology)bookshop,the campus newsagency.most other newsagencies and general stores,and any BCC Customer Service Centre.Short-term students at QUT cannot use their ID cards to gain a discount fare on BCC public transport.You will need to buy an adult ticket to travel.Bus fares are dependent on the number of zones you have to travel.There are several types of tickets:
Single:one way ticket to reach your destination,including transfers within 2 hours.
Daily: unlimited travel within the zones.
Off-peak’ Daily:discounted unlimited travel between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm and after 7:00 pm
    Monday to Friday, and all day on weekends and public holidays.
Weekly:unlimited travel within the zones for one week from the date of issue.
Monthly:unlimited travel within the zones for one calendar month from the date of issue.
Ten-trip Saver: 10 trips at any time within the zones on buses and ferries only.
    Transport routes.timetables and fare information are available from:
Public Transport Information Centre
69 Ann Street (corner of George St)
Brisbane City
    Phone l3 12 30(Transport Information Service)
64.The transport guide above is most likely provided by        .
A.Public Transport Information Centre
B.the Brisbane City Council
C.Queensland University of Technology.
D.BCC Customer Service Centres
65.We can learn from the passage that         .
A.buses are scheduled as usual on weekends and public holidays
B.regular students at QUT need to buy adult tickets
C.Pre—paid tickets can be bought from the Public Transport Information Centre
D.Ten¬-trip Savers can be used at off-peak time
66.An exchange student staying at QUT for five days has to travel between zones every day.What type of ticket would he probably buy?
  A.Single.    B.Weekly.    C.Off-peak Daily. D.Ten—trip Saver.
Have you ever noticed the colour of the water in a river or stream after a heavy rainfall? What do you think caused this change in colour? It is soil that has been washed into the river from the riverbank or from t}le nearby fields.
Components of Soft
    Soil is made up of a number of layers(层),each having its own distinctive colour and texture.The upper layer is known as the litter.It acts like a blanket.limiting temperature changes and reducing water loss.The topsoil layer is made up of small particles of rock mixed with rotten plant and animal matter called humus(腐殖质),which is black and gives the topsoil its dark colour.This layer is usually rich in nutrients,oxygen,and water.Below the topsoil is the subsoil,a layer that contains more stones mixed with only small amounts of organic matter.This layer is lighter in colour because of the lack of humus.Beneath the soil lies a layer of bedrock.
    Soil forms from the bottom up.Over time bedrock is attacked by rain, wind,frost, and snow.It is gradually broken down into smaller particles in a process called weathering.Plants begin to grow,and rotten materials enrich the topsoil.Most of the soil in Eastern Canada.for example.Was formed from weathered rock that was exposed when the ice disappeared l2.000 years ag0.
Water Beneath the Soil
    Surface water collects and flows above the ground in lakes.ponds.and rivers.Once in the soil or rock,it is called groundwater.Gravity pulls groundwater through the soil in a process called percolation(渗透).Eventually the water reaches a layer called the water table.Under this is bedrock through which water cannot percolate.
    As water percolates downward,it dissolves organic matter and minerals from the soil and carries them to deeper layers.This causes a serious problem because plants require these nutrients for growth.
Soil pH
    Soil can be acidic.neutral.or basic.The pH of the soil is determined by the nature of the rock
from which it was formed.and by the nature of t}le plants that grow and rot in it.
    The acidity of rain and snow can lower the pH of the groundwater that enters the soil.By burning fossil fuels such as coal,oil and gasoline,humans have been contributing to higher levels of acidity in many soils.When fossil fuels are burned.gases are released into the air and then fall back to earth as acid rain.Acid soil increases出e problem of carrying nutrients to lower soil levels.As nutrients are removed,soil is less fertile.Plants grow more slowly in acidic soil,and also become easily attacked by diseases.
67.The layer of soil that provides necessary nutrients for plant growth is called.
    A.1itter    B.topsoil    C.humus D.subsoil
68.According to the text.which of the following is NOT true?
    A.Soil forms from weathered rock on the earth surface.
B.The deeper layer of soil is darker in colour than t}le surface soil.
C.Air pollution is partially responsible for acid soil.
    D.Groundwater tends to carry away nutrients for plant growth.
69.We can infer from the passage that the water table lies       .
A.between the topsoil layer and the subsoil layer
B.in the subsoil layer above bedrock
    C.between the subsoil layer and bedrock
    D.in the bedrock layer beneath the subsoil
70.The underlined word “dissolve” is used to express the idea that organic matter and minerals from soil are          . 
A.rushed away into the river
    B.cleaned and purified by water
    C.destroyed and carried away by water
    D.mixed with water and become part of it
Communication Principles
 How you see yourself can make a great difference in how you communicate.“Every individual exists in a continually changing world of experience of which he(or she)is the center”.Many communication scholars and social scientists believe that people are products of how others treat them and of the messages others send them.But every day we experience the centrality of our selves in communication.A student.for instance,may describe a conflict with a teacher as unfair treatment:“I know my teacher doesn’t like the fact that I don’t agree with his opinions.and that’s why he gave me such a poor grade in that class.”The teacher might say the opposite.Each person may believe that he is correct and that the other person’s view is wrong.
    The concept of serf originates in communication.Through verbal and nonverbal symbols, a child learns to accept roles in response to the expectations of others.You establish self-image。The sort of person you believe you are,by how others think of you.Positive,negative,and neutral messages that you receive from others all play a role in determining who you are.Communication itself is probably best understood as a dialogue process.Our understanding of communication comes from our interactions with other people.In a more obvious way.communication involves others in the sense that a competent communicator considers what the other person needs and expects when selecting messages to share.So,the communication begins with the self,as defined largely by others,and involves others,as defined largely by the self.
    Communication Occurs almost every minute of your life.If you are not communicating  with yourself(thinking,planning,reacting to the world around you),you are observing others and drawing inferences from their behavior.Even if the other person did not intend a message for you.you gather observations and draw specific conclusions.A person yawns and you believe that person is bored with your message.A second person looks away from you and you conclude that person is not listening to you.A third person smiles(perhaps because of a memory of a joke he heard recently) and you believe that he is attracted to you.We are continually picking up meanings from others’ behaviors and we are constantly providing behaviors that have communicative value for them.
    More often than not,you may have hurt someone accidentally and you may have tried to explain that you did not mean that. You may have told the other person that you were sorry for your statement.You may have made a joke out of your rude statement.Nonetheless,your comment remains both in the mind of the other person and in your own mind.You cannot go back in time and erase your messages to others.Communication cannot be reversed(倒退),nor can it be repeated.When you tried to re—create the atmosphere,the conversation,and the setting,nothing seemed right.Your second experience with a similar setting and person made far different results.

Supporting Details
  begins with
    the self 
●People are somewhat products of others’ treatment and messages.
●we are always(71)  ▲  in communication with others.
  (72) ▲ 
    others ●Experiences of others help children learn to accept roles.
●Messages from others help you(73)  ▲  who you are.
●Needs and(74)  ▲  of others should be considered.

  (75)  ▲ 

 ●We are communicating with ourselves by thinking,planning and reacting to the outside world.
●We are always(76)  ▲  other people by observing even if they do not intend any message for you.
●We are constantly collecting meanings from others’(77)  ▲  .
●We are constantly(78)  ▲  meanings by what we do.
    cannot be
  reversed nor
    repeated ●You may explain what you have done,but you cannot(79)  ▲    what remains in the other person’s mind.
●Yon may redo the conversation,but you(80)  ▲  achieve the same results.

  鼠标的必要性 对多数人来说,操作计算机,上网冲浪……
点击、移动、插入、拷贝、删除…… 编辑文本,搜索信息……
  如果过分依赖鼠标……  (请考生结合自身感受,列举两到三点)

The mouse is a most effective device used by people to communicate with a computer.

1.C    2.B    3.A    4.C    5.A    6.C    7.B    8.A    9.C    l0.B    11.C    l2.B    l3.B    l4.C    l5.C    l6.A    l7.C    l8.A    l9.B    20.B
21.A    22.D   23.B    24.A    25.C   26.C   27.D    28.C    29.C    30.B    31.B  32.C    33.A   34.D  35.D    36.C  37.B   38.D  39.C   40.B   41.B   42.A    43.D   44.C   45.B   46.A 47.D 48.C   49.A  50.C    51.B  52.A  53.D  54.B  55.C
56.C  57.B  58.A  59.C  60.B  61.A  62.D  63.D  64.C  65.D
66.B  67.B  68.B  69.C  70.D
71.self-centred/subjective     76.reading/understanding/knowing
72.involves                     77.behaviors/acts/action(s)/activities
73.determine/define/know/understand  78.conveying/expressing
74.expectations/hopes/desires/wishes  79.erase/remove/delete/change
75.occurs/happens/exists/arises       80.can’t/cannot
The mouse is a most effective device used by people to communicate with a computer.
For most people, it’s almost impossible to operate a computer without a mouse, let alone surf the Internet. A well-chosen mouse is really handy, flexible and convenient in controlling the screen. With the functions of inserting, deleting, moving and copying, it enables us to edit test, browse web page and download what we want. It can even bring us a flood of music, movies and PC games. Just imagine, all this can be done with a cute mouse.
A convenient tool can certainly make our work easier, but it doesn’t always help in a positive way. Too much ready information on our fingertips leaves little room for knowledge pursuing. Too many ready answers make us less excited in finding truth. Relying too much on mouse clicking makes us lazier and less creative both mentally and physically.(153 words)   

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